Erdogan Madenci (Professor)

Atila Barut (Associate Research Professor)

Pranesh Roy (Post-doctoral Researcher)


Graduate students

Deepak Behera, Ph.D

John Fox, Ph.D

Sundaram Vinod Kumar Anicode, Ph.D

Ali Can Bekar, Ph.D

Hamed Malakoutikhah, Ph.D

Cody Mitts, Ph.D

Yanan Zhang, Ph.D

Daniel June, Ph.D


Graduated Ph.D. students

Mehmet Dorduncu, 2018, Peridynamics for Solving Linear/Nonlinear Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations

Yile Hu, 2017, Peridynamic Modeling of Fiber-Reinforced Composites with Polymer and Ceramic Matrix

Dongjun Bang, 2016, Peridynamic Modeling of Hyperelastic Materials

Rafael Bernal Covarrubias, 2015, Biomechanical Assessment of a Human Joint under Natural and Clinically Modified Conditions: The Shoulder

Selda Oterkus, 2015, Peridynamics for the Solution of Multiphysics Problems

Kyle Colavito, 2013, Peridynamics for Failure and Residual Strength Prediction of Fiber-Reinforced Composites

Abigail Agwai, 2011, Peridynamic Approach for Coupled Fields

Emrah Celik, 2010, Mechanical Characterization of Metallic Nanowires by Using a Customized Atomic Microscope

Erkan Oterkus, 2010, Peridynamic Theory for Modeling Three-Dimensional Damage Growth in Metallic and  Composite Structures

Manabendra Das, 2008, Aeroelastic Analysis of Rotor Blades Using Three Dimensional Flexible Multibody Dynamics

Bahattin Kilic, 2008: Peridynamic Theory for Progressive Failure Prediction in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Materials

Santaneel Gosh, 2005, A Non-contact Measurement Technique at the Micro-Scale

Norman R. Kay, 2003, A Combined Experimental and Analytical Approach for Interface Fracture Parameters between Dissimilar Materials in Electronic Packages

Vladimir Kradinov, 2003, Optimum Design of Bolted Composite Lap Joints under Mechanical and Thermal Loading

Ibrahim Guven, 2000, A Coupled Finite Element-Boundary Element Method for Two Dimensional Transient Heat Conduction and Thermoelastic Analysis

Todd Anderson, 1999, An Analytical and Experimental Investigation of Sandwich Composites Subjected to Low-Velocity Impact

Atila Barut, 1998, Nonlinear Thermo-Mechanical Analysis of Stiffened Composite Laminates by a New Finite Element

Boris Sergeev, 1997, Analysis of Composite Laminates with Multiple Fasteners by Boundary Collocation Technique

Haluk Balkan, 1996, Thin layer with Circular Debonding over a Substrate under Either Axisymmetric Compression or Thermal Loading


Graduated MS students

Lindsey Conklin, 2017, A Finite Element Model of the Foot and Ankle for Flatfoot Analysis

Kenan Arik, 2011, Analysis of Large Scale Sensors

Jhana Gorman, 2009, Application of Digital Image Correlation to Bonded Lap Joints

Kyle Colavito, 2006, Evaluation of Comparative Vacuum Monitoring Sensors for Detection of Surface Cracks

Abigail Agwai, 2006, Preliminiary Investigation of a Bileaflet Heart Valve

Joshua Tor, 2006, An Inverse Approach to Material Characterization Using Finite Element Analysis and Digital Image Correlation

Agnes Laylah Poore, 2006, Effects of Cutout on the Natural Frequencies and Mode Shapes of Laminated Composite Circular Cylindrical Shapes

Bahattin Kilic, 2004, Energy Release Rate and Contact Zone in a Cohesive and an Interface Crack by Hypersingular Integral Equations

Manabendra Das, 2004, A New Triangular Sandwich Element for the Complete Stress Field Based on a Single-Layer Theory

Joshua Kirk, 2004, Hygro/Thermo-Mechanical Characterization of Polymers and Simulation of Multi-Material Polymer Structures

Matthew B. Castor, 2003, Numerical and Experimental Modal Analysis of Isotropic and Composite Sandwich Plates

Norman Kay, 2000, Singular Stresses in a Finite Region of Two Dissimilar Viscoelastic Materials with Traction Free Edges

John Hanauska, 1999, An Experimental and Analytical Investigation of a Staggered Fastener Composite Double-Lap Joint

Astrid Kraus, 1999, An Analysis Method for Bolted Patch Repair of Composite Structures

Todd Anderson, 1995, Exact Solution of Finite Geometry Composite Panels under Transient Surface Loading


Exchange students

Mikael Wolnik, Diploma Thesis, 2004, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm.

Aylin Yenilmez, Ph.D., 2001, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey.

Luca Bruno, MS, 1999, Universita degli Studi di genova, Italy.

Eric Persson, Ph.D., 1998, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden.